In My Mailbox (23)

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17 Responses to In My Mailbox (23)

  1. I still haven't read this, but I'm hearing great things about it. Hope you enjoy it! 🙂Here's my IMM!

  2. Ange says:

    You got a great book this week! I can't wait to read this one. Happy Reading Ange @ Moonlightreader My IMM:

  3. Jessica says:

    Hope you enjoy Die for Me! Cool that you didn't have to buy anything for your mailbox this week!Here's my IMMHappy Reading!Old FollowerJessica@a GREAT read

  4. Katie says:

    I'm getting Die for me soon and I so can't wait for it. Great book c:I'm a new follower btw.My IMM

  5. I've heard amazing things about Die for Me! I hope you enjoy it 🙂 Books of Amber

  6. I haven't read this one yet but it does sound pretty amazing. I love the cover!

  7. Well that's a good choice. My review will be up on Monday for Die For Me. Check out my IMM this week. It was a huge week for me.

  8. Rain Maiden says:

    I look forward to your review on it. I have Die for Me on my wish list.

  9. StuckInBooks says:

    I'm reading this book now – very

  10. basma aal says:

    Die for me looks so good. Happy reading. Check out my IMM for this week:

  11. That cover is beautiful, I can't wait to read it! My IMM

  12. nlmars says:

    I so can't wait to read this book, the cover is so gorgeous.Happy reading! Check out what's in my mailbox! 🙂

  13. TheBookHour says:

    It's got a great cover. :)Have a great week and enjoy Die For Me!

  14. Ohhh yes! I just got this one on my nook today – can't wait to read it!-Linds, bibliophile brouhaha

  15. Everyone loves this book but me! I think it's a little too Twilight. New follower! 🙂ComaCalm's Corner

  16. I loved!! DIE FOR ME and no it isnt anything like TWILIGHT , not in the least bit, in anyway. Set in France, they arent vampire, very original what they are, gorgeous scenery. I reviewed, I interviewed Amy Plum, the most gorgeous lady. It is so far from Twilight that I dont know why a few people say it is, I am very confuzzed about that:DMichelle

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