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Alice in Zombieland

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Review: Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning

Title:  Backstage Pass
Author:  Olivia Cunning
Series:  Sinners on Tour, #1
Publisher:  Sourcebooks Casablanca
Release Date:  October 1, 2010
Pages:  384

The first in a new erotic romance series, Backstage Pass is a sizzling mix of sex, love, and rock n’ roll

It’s been months since Brian Sinclair, lead guitarist for the famous rock band, Sinners, composed anything. Unable to write the music that once flowed so naturally, Brian is lost without his musical mojo. But when sexy psychology professor Myrna Evans comes on tour to study groupie mentality, Brian may have found the spark he needs to reignite his musical genius. When lust turns to love, will Brian be able to convince Myrna that what they have is more than just a fling, and that now that he’s found his heart’s muse, he doesn’t want to live without her?

He leaned forward and kissed her deeply. “Don’t be afraid, Myr. I love you more than I could ever put into words, but I won’t fail you. I promise. This love, our love, is forever.”

HOLY FREAKING COW! That was one of the best and hottest books I have ever read! And when I say hot I mean it was so hot that steam was coming out of the pages. Backstage Pass had everything a girl could want in a book. Five hot and sexy rock stars, a tour bus where funny, dirty and sexy things happen, and ummm…let’s see, what am I forgetting? Oh, yeah. THE HOTTEST SEX SCENES KNOWN TO MAN KIND!

Brian Sinclair aka. Master Sinclair (OMFG! I LOVE HIS NAME) is a hopeless romantic. He as go through girlfriend through girlfriend through girlfriend. His ex-girlfriends just don’t appreciate him or care enough about him even though he gives his all. Then he meets, the sexy, Professor Myrna Evans who he falls heads over heels in love with her and just can’t let her get away.

“He put his fingertips against her forehead. “You must be at least this tall to ride The Beast.” “Secure your belongings and keep your arms and legs around the ride at all times.”

Brian was absolutely adorable and cute! Yes. I am saying that about a sexy, bad-boy rock star! Brian is such a romantic and says the sweetest things that you’d wish your boyfriend would say to you 24/7. Brian is sweet and caring and makes his feelings known to Myrna and hopes for a future with this woman. Oh, and when they have sex he hears the music which gives him the inspiration to write something new. He calls her is muse. Hehe!

“Are you whining because I have to work?” “No, I’m whining because you’d rather work than spend a week in L.A. with me.” Under his breath, he muttered, “Why do I always sound like the chick in this relationship?”

Myrna had a bad past. She was married 5 years ago and her ex-husband treated her pretty badly and there was this incident that happened to her and her ex-husband is always in her head. She is sort of still suffering. She is not ready to completely give into a relationship. Brian and Myrna’s relationship starts to her as having a good time. As she spends more and more time with him she doesn’t want to let go of him, but is afraid to call it like an official relationship because part of her doesn’t really want that again because she is afraid.

Brian and Myrna’s romantic relationship was a beautiful thing to behold. I became so addicted to Backstage Pass that I spend the whole day with my head in this book. The sex is hot of course. There are times I don’t like the whole lot of sex thing, but in this book it totally worked because I was so in love with the couple and their struggles.

She focused on Sed. “I have a favor to ask of you.” “Anything, Myrna.” He seemed sincere. “I need a million dollars to pay the ransom on my kidnapped poodle,” she said. Sed’s jaw dropped. She laughed. “Kidding.” Brian burst out laughing. “Oh my God, did you see the look on his face?” “Fuck you, Sinclair,” Sed said.

This book was not only sexy it was freaking HILAIRIOUS! Brian’s not the only rock star in this book. We also have Sed, Trey, Jace, and Eric. I love them all. They were also equally sexy and delicious and funny. I can’t wait for the rest of the books about all the members of the Sinners. I especially want Trey’s book like ASAP.

You will laugh out loud a lot in this book and fall in love with each and every one of these rock stars. Especially Brian. I can’t stop thinking about Backstage Pass and I am dying to read all the other books in the AMAZING ROCK STAR SERIES!

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Review: Tangled Threads by Jennifer Estep

Title: Tangled Threads
Author: Jennifer Estep
Series: Elemental Assassin, #4
Publisher: ROC
Release Date: April 26, 2011
Pages: 386
Rating: ★★★★★

But here I am. Gin Blanco, the semi-retired assassin known as the Spider. Hovering outside sexy businessman Owen Grayson’s front door like a nervous teenage girl. One thing I like about Owen: he doesn’t shy away from my past—or my present. And right now I have a bull’s-eye on my forehead.

Cold-blooded Fire elemental Mab Monroe has hired one of the smartest assassins in the business to trap me. Elektra LaFleur is skilled and efficient, with deadly electrical elemental magic as potent as my own Ice and Stone powers. Which means there’s a fifty-fifty chance one of us won’t survive this battle. I intend to kill LaFleur—or die trying—because Mab wants the assassin to take out my baby sister, Detective Bria Coolidge, too.

The only problem is, Bria has no idea I’m her long-lost sibling . . . or that I’m the murderer she’s been chasing through Ashland for weeks. And what Bria doesn’t know just might get us both dead. . . .

I have to say that I’m impressed. WEB OF LIES has exceeded my expectations this time around and I am looking forward to zipping through this series fast. I have come to love these characters even more except *cough*DonovanCaine*cough*, I didn’t think an assassins life could get anymore exciting, but boy, was I wrong.

Our heroine Gin is retired or at least she is trying to stay retired, but being The Spider, the best assassin out there has been calling for her to get that excitement back in her life. Gin has relaized it’s become quite boring being retired and being an assassin is the most exiting thing ever. After months and months she comes face to face with the man she wants, who doesn’t really want her, Donovan Caine.

“You’re running away because your morals are more important to you than anything else, including what you could have with me.”

Donovan Caine has gotten on my last nerve since book one and it hasn’t gotten any better. I honestly found Gin’s and Donovan’s relationship nothing but lust. Between Spider’s Bite and WEB OF LIES I did not see a real relationship because of they way he constantly treats her and the way he acts. I mean all he did was fuck her and went on his merry way and talk about how wrong she is all the time. I’m honestly sick of it.

“You turned your back on me at the mine because you were glad I was dead,” I said. “Because the choice to be with me had been taken out of your hands, and your precious morals were still intact. And then I popped up again, still alive. And you were right back to square one. That’s the real truth, isn’t it?”

The god honest truth of the matter is Donovan was a sorry excuse of a love interest and I am still trying to figure out why Gin wanted him. Like Gin said she always had to make the first move in their so-called relationship. But thankfully Gin can move onto better things now, meaning Owen Grayson.

Owen Grayson shrugged. “I don’t know what Detective Donovan Caine thinks or wants, but I consider him to be an enormous fool.” “Why’s that?” He stared at me. “Because he’s down there looking for Dawson, and I’m up here with you.”

Finally we have a new love interest and he is Owen Grayson. To be honest I would’ve taken anybody other than Donovan Caine. I swear it to god I would’ve. But Owen is more than I could’ve ever dreamed of. Okay, nothing has really happened with Gin and Owen yet. But he is cute, hot handsome, a total flirt and makes his intentions towards Gin very known to her. Oh, god. I can’t wait to get more of this hottie in the next book.

“I have to confess I was quite surprised when you strolled into the ballroom tonight,” Grayson began. “I hadn’t expected to see you here, especially not wearing that cheap blond wig.” “Don’t care for blondes, do you?” I sniped. “Sassy brunettes are more my style.” He grinned.

Other than the love interest drama we have Gin taking down another target that is doing bad rather than good in the world. And also there’s the fact that her dead foster father, Fletcher left her a mysrterious folder about who she was and what all went down the night her mother and sisters were murdered and Gin finds a huge secret that makes her question the now dead Fletcher Lane.

There was enough action in WEB OF LIES keep me on the edge of my seat and lot more flashbacks to Gin’s life when Fletcher Lane took her in off the streets and I am really looking foward to finding out more and more about what went down the night Gin’s family was murdered as well as what will become of her and the delicious, Owen Grayson.

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Cover Reveal: Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost

Once Burned

by Jeaniene Frost

Released: June 26, 2012

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In My Mailbox (50)

In my Mailbox is a meme hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren, that features books I’ve received/purchased/borrowed during the current week. 

Hello all my Mystifying Stars,
I hope everyone had a great week. Mine was a little bit tiring. So tired. I got a few books from Netgalley this week. Lies Beneath by Anne Greenwood Brown, Black Howl by Christina Henry, & Royal Street by Suzanne Johnson. I haven’t started any of them yet, but hope to soon.


So, tell me…What did you get in your mailbox this week?

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Feature & Follow (39)

Follow Friday is a meme hosted by Parajunkee and Allison Can Read, that allows you to meet new bloggers and make more followers.

Q: Which book genre do you avoid at all costs and why?

I have seriously been trying all kinds of book genre’s lately that I don’t even know. All I know if it has to have paranormal in it usually. But I don’t like the  BSDM stuff. It terrifies me and I will avoid it at all cost.

I am fine with erotica though.  I probably wouldn’t read any horror books either. I tend to stick with anything from the paranormal or anything that all my GR friends like that was recommended to me. I am very picky with the genres I read!

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