In My Mailbox (31)

I requested a hardback cover from Penguin for the new Nightshade Series covers. I really didn’t want my books not to match. So I got both new and old covers in the Nightshade and WOlfsbane books, so I’m happy. I am a serious book cover freak. I need my covers to match even if I am not a huge fan of the new Nightshade covers.

Thank you so much Andrea Cremer and Penguin Teen. I didn’t get any actual books this week, but I thought this was post worthly for what I recieved this in my mailbox.

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17 Responses to In My Mailbox (31)

  1. Well at least you got something. I really like the old covers better.

  2. I never used to be a cover freak, but now I am totally turning into one.

  3. @Grace, me too. I think I can't stand that if I had old beautiful Nightshade and Wolfsbane on my shelf that Bloodrose wouldn''t match she might as well request a hardback cover. but I still have those lovely old covers for Nightshade and Wolfsbane! Yah!@Amanda: I can't help it! I admit I am a cover freak! hahaha. I critique covers harshly sometimes. Well, new Nightshade & WOlfsbane deserves some critique. What were they thinking changing them…UGH

  4. I hate when all the power of my soul when they change the covers grrrrrrrrr! Now with Delirium Im suffering so much… I love that book and it will look so freaking weird in my shelve besides Pandemonium T_T… Now Nightshade series also changed T_T…. They changed The curse workers and The Hollow trilogies T_____T… Nothing match anymore!! Im pissed!!!

  5. I am hating what the publishers are doing. I mean can't the just choose the option of switching covers with a different book edition, like paperback or wait til all books are released and opt for new covers then b/c they can do that. I mean Fever did that. I am really getting sick of it and there was no reason to change the Nightshade covers in the firts place. They messed with a good thing.

  6. I got my Nightshade cover too! A little peeve since I was assuming that I was too late in requesting and bought the new cover of Nightshade at the bookstore, literally the day BEFORE I got my cover in the mail! Oh well! I do like the cover and did get the book reasonably priced with the remains of my Borders rewards.Happy Reading!Here's my IMMHave a GREAT day!Old Follower 🙂

  7. that's great!! now they match 🙂

  8. That's cool. I too like my covers to match.Paranormal Haven

  9. Haha you crack me up, Im totally the same about covers. I have the older anita blake series covers and then they started making new ones, so now I have a miz and I had to buy the new ones to match it just drive me crazy when my books dont match lol.

  10. Bailey says:

    I am with you on needing covers to match. I am OCD like that! =P Glad you got the new cover!My IMM

  11. Sash and Em says:

    We've been wanting to pick this one up!Check out Em's IMM!

  12. NoraBell says:

    I have an old style hardcover, but also somehow ended up with two ARCs with the old cover too! So now I've got three older style books, and there's no older style option to Wolfsbane, I don't know what I'm going to do :[But congrats on the dust jacket!Nora, The Bookery

  13. Mariyaaaaaaaaaaa! I agree with you 1000000%. I mean, Im 100% supportive if they are re-designing a cover that was previously super ugly. But c'mon… Nightshade was gorgeous! Yes, the new covers are more related to the theme of the book but hell… they could have donde that only for the paperbacks sniff! Delirium ( a book aI freaking love) got also new covers… Im sick of it!! WE, hardcore reader who are waiting for amazing releases and buy Hardcover copies (yes, we do invest in our books) are the ones that get affected. T_____T… Hell!That's why I looooooove *the one or the people* who decided to only re-design a cover for Across The Universe Paperback and keep the same cover style/theme in the hardcover edition of A Million Suns. THAT was an smart move and I am very grateful.

  14. Thank god they did that for Across the Universe or I would be pissed! But this is getting ridiculous! They are redesigning covers too much, I think there were 5 or 6 series that got new covers. Just leave them alone. If they're already out and released LEAVE THEM ALONE! ALl they're doing is screwing up something good.New covers doesn't not improve the books/series it pisses readers off! Only reason I think the changed the Nightshade covers is b/c these new ones would probaly attract guys. but so the hell what. I believe the would lose readers b/c 90% readers pick up books right away for the cover alone and thenew covers are not attracting!

  15. Hayden says:

    I sent a request for a cover, but I haven't gotten it! Do you think I ever will?

  16. I would still wait, I believe they are still sending them out, if not year by end of the week, I would comment Andrea Cremer on her blog. She usually always comments back if you have a question, or try emailing her, or tweet her.Also it depends when your requested too I believe, you should have done it when Cremer made that post, or close to the date of, and she did say limited quanity. but I would wait end of this week + into the next week and if still dont' get it possibly shoot Andrea a comment/tweet/email.

  17. Hayden says:

    I send the request the day of her post.Okay, thanks. Hopefully it comes soon!I just realized I'm friends with you on Goodreads. Lol.

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