Guest Reviewer

Hi, guys. I’m going to be having a guest reviewer on my blog. I review Young Adult, Paranormal Romance, and Urban Fantasy and sometimes I get in a Urban Fantasy craze and forget about all the Young Adult I need to review.

You may know her from her blog Looskie Lovitz, but she will be the one posting guest reviews mainly in the Young Adullt genre. I will have a signature for the both of us soon, so you will know if it is Looksie’s review or my review. Or I will also just be titling my review Guest Review.

But we’re just trying this out to see how it goes. But I think it should be fun. And I’ll be looking forward to Looksie’s first review on Mystifying Paranormal Reviews.

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One Response to Guest Reviewer

  1. Welcome Looskie! We have a really great guest reviewer and she has helped us out SOOO much. Paranormal Haven

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