Follow Me Friday (30)

Q. Let’s step away from the books for a second and get personal. What t-shirt slogan best describes you?

To be honest I have no idea. I was given a shirt that said, “I’m smiling, that should scare you.” But really I have no freckin’ clue. Oh, wait. I’m always being told in my house that I’m Stewie from the family guy and they told me that I should own those shirts at the bottom LOL

Why Haven't You Stopped Talking - Stewie - Family Guy T-shirtYou Got My Money - Family Guy T-shirtWhat Else Can I Do To Ignore You? - Stewie Griffin - Family Guy T-shirt

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17 Responses to Follow Me Friday (30)

  1. LOL, they're great!!!

  2. Happy FF from a returning follower. Nice choice. I love Stewie.~Daniel A. Kaine –

  3. Love them. They all sound very funny. Just visiting. Saying hello.

  4. Andra says:

    I love stewie!!! I have one of him Drunk telling Brian that he's sexy 🙂 classiccc

  5. Pepa says:

    LOL, I love Stewie. Great T-shirts. New follower! Check out my FF at Anonymous Reads. Have a great day!-Pepa

  6. Sharon says:

    Hi & Happy Friday :)These are great! love it.My FF, http://obsessionwithbooks.blogspot.comHave a nice weekend.

  7. LOL! Great Shirts!New Follower! My Follow Friday Fun!!!~Kristin

  8. Denn says:

    I love Stewie! And oddly enough, those t-shirts really go for me as well! XD Even the money one!New follower, but I didn't find you from FF, oddly enough! I found you on Goodreads, through a poll! Lucky! :DHere mine! :3

  9. First Stewie ones I've seen today!!Here's my Friday HopsHave a GREAT weekend!Old Follower 🙂

  10. Both are hilarious! LOLFrancesca @ Under The Covers

  11. Peggy says:

    Hi, new follower! These are great! I love Family Guy.Here is my first FF: Pawing Through Books

  12. Shannon says:

    New follower thru Friday Blog hop. Great t-shirt slogans!Shannon(

  13. StuckInBooks says:

    I like that first one! I feel most of my students could be wearing it. =)Here's mine:

  14. Sarah says:

    Oh, I love you even more girl! Stewie is the man. I lovers him. Great choices! :]Thanks for stopping by my friday memes as well!♥ Sarah

  15. LOL, I definitely need the first one ^^….maybe the third one too…My Follow Fridayand I'm also Hosting a Giveaway 😉 Might want to check it out

  16. Hopping through. Doing a late, post-signing hop. I'm tired after the signing. My friend and I were at Cafe Latte chatting for a long time. It was great meeting you tonight!My Hop

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