Mystifying Paranormal Reviews Has a New Look

Mystifying Paranormal Reviews has a new look. I was recently working on some new meme buttons and they didn’t go with my old layout or I just convinced myself something was off about my blog or something.

But anyway, I decided it was time for a new layout. I wanted something really simple, and I am still kind of working on it a little bit at a time, but I am really liking it so far. I will most likely work some more on the header. Please let me know what you all think. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Mystifying Paranormal Reviews

<div align=”center”><a href=”; title=”Mystifying Paranormal Reviews”><img src=”; alt=”Mystifying Paranormal Reviews” style=”border:none;” /></a></div>

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9 Responses to Mystifying Paranormal Reviews Has a New Look

  1. Like your new look!! Trying to find a new blogger template for myself as well. Can't design my own! Not that intelligent nor do I have enough $$ to get a professional to do it!But still great new look!

  2. hi Mariya! it's simple and so neat! great job! c",)

  3. I really like it!!! it look very modern!! =DDDyou are awesome dear! ❤

  4. BJ says:

    Two thumbs up! Loads nice and quick on my less-than-amazing netbook. 🙂

  5. Mariya says:

    Thank you everyone =DDDDD

  6. oh that's true! load pretty fast =P scrolling goes smooth! ooh yeaaah! sexy!

  7. BLHmistress says:

    Nice look, I love it !

  8. Sarah says:

    I think it looks great! Love it! :)♥ Sarah @ I'm Loving Books

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