New Title + Cover Reveal: Blood Rights by Kristen Painter

Born into a life of secrets and service, Chrysabelle’s body bears the telltale marks of a comarré — a special race of humans bred to feed vampire nobility. When her patron is murdered, she becomes the prime suspect, which sends her running into the mortal world…and into the arms of Malkolm, an outcast vampire cursed to kill every being from whom he drinks.

Now, Chrysabelle and Malkolm must work together to stop a plot to merge the mortal and supernatural worlds. If they fail, a chaos unlike anything anyone has ever seen will threaten to reign.


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6 Responses to New Title + Cover Reveal: Blood Rights by Kristen Painter

  1. Cait says:

    wow that cover is amazing!! Story sounds great too, thanks for this!

  2. Jennifer A says:

    That is stunning!! Wow. The storyline sounds just as awesome. I will definitely be reading this one! Thanks for sharing. 🙂Jennifer of Little Shelf

  3. Totally Gorgeous!!!! Thanks for sharing. And the story sounds good too :DCurrent Contest • Master of Desire by Kinley MacGregor • Ends 4/21

  4. Wow, that cover is absolutely stunning . . . and I love the story. Definitely goes on my list.

  5. Pretty! This one looks good!

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