Review: Tempting Danger by Eileen Wilks

Title: Tempting Danger

Author: Eileen Wilks

Series: World of the Lupi, #1

Publisher: Berkley

Release Date: October 5, 2004

Pages: 301


Lily Yu is a San Diego police detective investigating a series of grisly murders that appear to be the work of a werewolf. To hunt down the killer, she must infiltrate the clans. Only one man can help her – a werewolf named Rule Turner, a prince of the lupi, whose charismatic presence disturbs Lily. Rule has his own reasons for helping the investigation – reasons he doesn’t want to share with Lily. Logic and horror demand she keep her distance, but the attraction between them is immediate and devastating – and beyond human reason. Now in a race to fend off evil, Lily finds herself in uncharted territory, tested as never before, and, at her back, a man she’s not sure she can trust…

TEMPTING DANGER was quite a different type of UF book than I am usually used to. I would call this a mix of FBI/cop mystery plus very little romance/paranormal drama. To be honest I don’t really know how I felt about this book, but I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t like it either. Starting the book, I didn’t know if I would like it because of the cop/FBI stuff, because I’m more of UF and less mystery stuff. But it wasn’t that bad. I loved the cop drama.

Lily and Rule. Honestly I didn’t see any chemisty between these two. I mean isn’t the chosen/mate thing always used in UF/PNR? It is and I wasn’t bothered by it if I liked the couple, but I didn’t really find anything appealing about these two characters. I felt mostly all the characters were a bit bland and none of them wow-ed me. I never felt like there was this bif connection between Rule and Lily. Lily was a bit interesting and I may have continued to read just because of her. We don’t get many heroines that are a serious type like her.

One thing is it is labeled as UF, but we barely got any of that in the book, and that may be a reason why I was quite disappointed, because I love my UF, and it was quite absent.

Reading this, I kept reading, but it was just okay. It was a bit boring at times a lot, but I was hoping maybe it may get better. I would continue reading this if I had nothing else to read. I think these for me personally would be one of those series, that you would love to continue to see where it goes when you have the time. I may come back to the series when I have nothing on my shelf that I am excited to read. I think it has promise to turn into a great series, but the first book was just okay for me. I have seen others rate the first couple of books in the 3 stars range and then it moves up into the 4-5 stars. So you may like it better than I did

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3 Responses to Review: Tempting Danger by Eileen Wilks

  1. Awww. Too bad you didn't like it that much. The synopsis makes it sound really good.

  2. theJeepDiva says:

    I have a few of the books from this series. I have not read them yet. I do believe that they may have shifted further down on the to be read pile. Although I prefer PNR to UF, so perhaps they would work better for me.

  3. Awwwwwww I LOVE this series, but I do understand not liking book 1 so much… I promise you it gets MUCH better! This is one of my fave series ever! =D

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